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About Fueling my Faith

I began this process to create a platform that promotes positivity, encouragement, and support as a way to be open and honest about the struggles that societal pressures have drawn us so deep into. Being a young adult, a female, an athlete, a girlfriend, a Christ follower, I have found myself over these last 3 years of college in places I never thought I would. Places that are not pretty, are not talked about, and places that honestly never made sense to me… until I was there. It has been in these places in my life where I have felt the farthest yet grown the closest to Jesus. And I realized in all of these times I was choosing to place my “identity” in something other than Him. In each of our lives there are all these things that we view about ourselves that “define” us as “who we are”....But somewhere along the line we stopped listening to our own beliefs and our own confidence and have allowed the world to tell us that the way we look, or what we accomplish, or what our social media feeds look like define who we are as people and tell us what our worth is. Fueling my Faith was created to of course make and share good food but in a way that promotes positive self love, body image, and self esteem, rooted in God's unwavering love for us. Remembering that this body is merely my earthly vessel to work for the mission of God, and not “who I am”.


About Me

I am Meredith Christopher - college senior at the University of South Carolina, D1 collegiate athlete, MAJOR foodie, daughter of Christ, and a lover of all things health and wellness- from the fuel we eat to how we fuel our souls. I have a passion for creating and enjoying great food and see an importance of food for community and relationship building. My goal is to use my love for food and heart for community to create a platform with a God centered purpose to share those passions in a way that supports each reader and uplifts a world so drawn into finding our identity in temporary things. I am so glad you are here to cook with me, and I would encourage you to use one of these meals as a way to start having meaningful faith based conversations! Thanks for reading along!  

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